San Jose Energy & Water Building Performance Ordinance

Ordinance Overview


  1. Energy Benchmark
    • Deadline: May 1st (annually)
  2. Energy Audit, Water Audit, & RCx Study
    • Deadline: May 1st (due once every 5 years)

Properties Required to Comply:

  • Building Size: 20,000 sq.ft. or greater
  • Building Types: ALL building types
San Jose Ordinance
Ordinance No. 30550

Energy Benchmarking Requirement (due Annually)

The City of San Jose requires an annual Energy Benchmark report for buildings > 20,000 sq. ft. to be submitted by May 1st

The utility data that is required is for 12 months of the previous year’s usage.

  • Example: In 2023, John submitted Energy Benchmark utility data from the previous year (May 2022-April 2022). 


All data is entered into ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager and then submitted to LADBS. Utility information that is required includes Electrical, Gas, & Water. Any building with a high Energy Benchmark score (if applicable) may be able to apply for a Certification that can lead to an exemption on the Energy Audit required once every 5 years. 

Audits/RCx Requirement (due once every 5 yrs)

San Jose Energy Audit Deadlines
San Jose Energy Audit Deadlines

The City of San Jose requires building owners to comply with both the annual Energy Benchmark requirement and an on-site inspection* once every 5 years. The deadline for each building will vary based on square footage and the last digit of the APN (use chart above to find your deadline) and will be required to comply every 5 years from your original deadline. The City of San Jose has two charts based on the square footage of your building. 

Compliance Options:

  • Exemptions
    • Building > 5 years old (based on COI)
    • ENERGY STAR Certification
    • Simple Building Exemptions
    • Performance Pathway
    • Use Intensity Decrease (EUI/WUI)
  • Standard Compliance 
    • Energy Audit, Water Audit, & Retro-Commissioning (RCx) Study


*On-site inspections may be required to confirm the information provided. 

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