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Insight Energy Consulting leverages technical excellence and engineering integrity, to deliver balanced, solutions aimed to reduce energy, water and emissions while maintaining occupancy comfort and improving economic returns across properties. We empower building owners by equipping them with tailored tools and policy guidance needed to meet ambitious efficiency goals. Our approach overcomes historical trade-offs between conservation and performance – transforming structures into highlights of smart, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure.

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California SunsetInsight Energy Consulting specializes in Commercial Energy Audits and Energy Benchmarking across key Californian cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Jose. Our expertise aligns closely with the requirements of California Assembly Bill 802 (AB 802), which mandates energy benchmarking and public disclosure for buildings to promote energy efficiency.

In Los Angeles, our services focus on comprehensiveLos Angeles downtown at night energy audits that identify inefficiencies and potential cost savings in commercial properties. These audits are crucial for building owners in Los Angeles, as they provide actionable insights that align with the city’s commitment to sustainability and help comply with local regulations that are a part of AB 802. By evaluating systems such as HVAC, lighting, and water heating, we offer tailored solutions that enhance building performance and energy conservation.

San Francisco at night with cloudsSan Francisco’s ambitious climate goals require a proactive approach to energy management, which is where our energy benchmarking services come into play. We assist San Francisco building owners in tracking their energy usage and comparing it with similar structures to identify areas for improvement. This benchmarking process not only satisfies AB 802 requirements but also fosters a competitive spirit among property owners to enhance their building’s energy efficiency.

In San Jose, we leverage local climate data and technological advancements to offer specialized energy audits that address unique regional needs. Our strategies consider San Jose’s specific environmental and regulatory challenges, providing building owners with customized recommendations that improve energy performance and sustainability.

Furthermore, our expertise in AB 802 helps California building owners navigate the complexities of energy benchmarking and public reporting. AB 802 aims to increase transparency in energy usage, encouraging a statewide push towards more efficient energy use in commercial properties. We ensure compliance with this legislation by providing thorough data analysis and reporting services, enabling property owners to meet statutory requirements and contribute to California’s broader environmental goals.

By focusing on these regions and legislative frameworks, Insight Energy Consulting empowers building owners to not only meet regulatory demands but to also make significant strides towards energy efficiency and sustainability. Our approach is designed to turn every building into a model of smart, sustainable infrastructure, capable of withstanding the challenges of modern environmental demands.

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