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ENERGY STAR® Certifications

When was the last time you spotted that trusty blue label on our energy-efficient gadgets or appliances? Have you ever made the savvy choice of an ENERGY STAR-certified product for savings & and efficiency?

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Well, did you know the US Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) extends its prestigious certification to entire buildings?
🏢 Regardless of age or size, buildings can earn the coveted
ENERGY STAR certification. 🌟


It starts with your ENERGY STAR score, a bit like a school grade on a scale of 1 to 100. The higher, the better. Achieve a standout score compared to similar buildings, and you've clinched the EPA's ENERGY STAR.

champions of

energy efficiency:

Remember, these certified buildings aren't just structures; they're champions of energy efficiency, slashing energy use, and curbing greenhouse gas emissions. So, the next time you spot that ENERGY STAR label on your office, school, favorite store, or apartment building, it's more than a symbol.


It's a mark of savings, efficiency, and a commitment to a brighter, sustainable future.



Learn how you can get your building ENERGY STAR certified, send us an email at contact@insightenergyconsulting.io.

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