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Our comprehensive energy solutions cover a range from full-compiliance solutions for required City ordinances to project planning, strategically aiming for your building(s) to be completely energy efficient.

A partnership with us means having the flexibility to engage in various capacities – with our main goal being your custom needs. Our approach to each building is driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) making it align seamlessly with your unique needs and objectives. 

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Although it’s called a service we are not selling you a service. We create partnerships with our clients.
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Los Angeles – Energy Benchmarking

Los Angeles – A/RCx

San Francisco – Energy Benchmarking

San Francisco – Energy Audit

San Jose – Energy Benchmarking

San Jose – Energy Audit

Chula Vista – Energy Benchmarking

California Assembly Bill 802 (CA AB 802)

ASHRAE Energy Audits – Level I, II, III
  • ASHRAE Energy Audits are comprehensive assessments of a building’s energy performance. These audits are categorized into three levels, each offering varying degrees of detail and complexity:
    • Level I: A preliminary assessment often referred to as a “walk-through” audit.
    • Level II: A more detailed audit involving energy use analysis, building surveys, and economic analysis.
      • Note: Very common for required Energy Compliance Laws nationwide.
    • Level III: A highly detailed audit with a focus on investment-grade analysis, resulting in a detailed project implementation plan for major energy efficiency measures.
Building Automation & Controls
  • Building Automation, HVAC, and controls all contribute to creating smart, energy-efficient, and comfortable environments within buildings. They play a crucial role in achieving sustainability goals, operational efficiency, and a seamless building experience.
Compliance Laws
  • With 50+ Energy Compliance Laws nationwide, we can help with all components of the different City/State requirements. We’ll walk you through the stringent requirements that are in place and make it an easy and fast process, assuring you are NOT at risk of any violations or fines.
ENERGY STAR® Benchmarking & Certifications
  • Benchmarking: ENERGY STAR® benchmarking is a process that involves comparing a building’s energy performance to that of similar buildings using the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool. It’s a strategic process aimed at evaluating and improving a building’s energy efficiency


  • Certification: buildings that save energy, money, and the environment by emitting fewer greenhouse gases are encouraged to apply. To achieve the certification, a building must meet strict annual energy performance standards and must be verified cation by a licensed professional annually.
LEED Certifications
  • LEED certification is a testament to a building’s dedication to sustainability, energy efficiency, and creating spaces that prioritize the health and well-being of occupants while minimizing environmental impact. LEED sets stringent standards for sustainability, and awards Silver, Gold, or Platinum certifications—based on the number of points earned through sustainable features and practices.
Retro-Commissioning (RCx)
  • Commissioning guarantees the initial operation of a new building aligns with the owner’s intentions, and it ensures building staff are well-equipped to operate and maintain its systems and equipment. Retro-commissioning, on the other hand, extends the commissioning process to already-existing buildings. Both are important (we offer both services) but RCx is the more common process for City’s requiring buildings to be in compliance.

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We can still help. We believe in the power of customization. If you’re searching for a specific service not currently listed on our website, just know our team thrives on creating custom solutions driven by AI & our 25+ years of experience to meet your unique needs. 

Have a project in mind that requires a special touch? Seeking a service outside of our regular offerings? We’re here to turn your ideas into reality. Simply let us know your end goal, and we can quickly start a plan that can craft a solution tailored just for you.

Your vision, our expertise – let’s bring your project to life together. Reach out today and let the customization begin!

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